Monday, January 24, 2011

Inside The Belly Of The Whale: Tommy Wales

Tommy Wales (of Wales Road fame) returned The Whale on saturday to cut the follow up to "Snake Hisses and Judas Kisses". SHJK was the first of Wales 15 records to be recorded with me, and was his best selling and most played EP to date. Thus, a return trip was in order.

This new EP will be tracked entirely in Logic Pro, a departure from my usual modular and nearly analog system. My Logic rig was predominately a remote recording system for live multi-tracking. All of the live cuts on Violet Mary's "End Times Puppet Show" single were recorded using it. I followed that by doing a more traditional recording project for the Silver Threads. Logic came through as well, though I didn't have to set up cue mixes or overdub at all. The end result was remarkable, and the process was rather smooth. I was curious about mixing a full EP with a mouse, and found that while I missed the faders and knobs, the act of automating a mix made up the difference and then some.

Assuming Wales Road's project is a success, I will likely transition The Whale to Logic. It will be hard to let go of my knobs and faders (get your heads out of the gutter), but Logic greatly expands the studio's capabilities. It's hard to pass that up.

(audio samples with the next post!)

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