Thursday, June 17, 2010

Inside The Belly Of The Whale: Session 10

I started mixing the first of 11 tracks for the new Violet Mary record titled "After The Plunge". The goal this week is to mix the tunes that will appear on the promotional single, "You Won't Rule The World" and "Whiskey Drinking Woman". Along with those two album cuts, we're going to feature three tunes from our show at The Fairport Landing on June 11. First of those is a new take on Trigger Happy from Marionette, followed by Release (also from Marionette) and our cover of Mountain Time, a tune by Will Jennings and Joe Bonamassa. Joe has mentioned that he can't play a show without playing that song... people will riot. We've found the same to be true; a credit to the quality of the song!

Keep your eyes peeled for "The End Times Puppet Show", the new single from Violet Mary available July 11 everywhere Violet Mary stuff is sold.

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